cincinnato castore 2017
bellone (italy)
flowers and stone on the nose. fresh and bright on the palate with a nice clean mineral finish
glass: $9.5 • bottle: $27

stefano antonucci 2017
verdicchio “dei castelli di jessi” (italy)
pleasant notes of fruit and citrus enriched with soft spices. bold complexity that is well polished.
glass: $9.5 • bottle: $27

vadiaperti irpinia 2014 coda di volpe
(campania, italy)
lovely mineral notes followed by dried apricot and stone fruit on the nose. a medium delicate body with excellent acidity with a beautiful long fresh finish. organic
glass: $11 • bottle: $30

domaine guillot-broux 2017
mâcon villages, chardonay
(mâcon-cruzille, france)
a beautiful example of white burgundy. a little touch of funk and apple fruit on the nose. clean mineral driven slightly toasted butter notes with bright acidity. organic
bottle: $38

champagne & sparkling

terragie prosecco nv
(vo, italy)
the classic dry sparkling wine of northern italy
organically produced
glass: $9 • bottle: $24

la rosée
(loire, france)
méthode traditionnelle sparkling malbec rosé. lovely mineral and fruit with a clean dry palate and finish.
organically produced
glass: $9 • bottle: $24

nicolas feuillatte brut réserve nv
(chouilly, france)
elegant and dry, from one of the noblest houses of champagne.
bottle: $45



ludovicus 2014
juicy fresh red berries, candied rose scents finished with slight mineral tones and peppery spice notes.
glass: $9 • bottle: $22

malpasso vino rosso
(emilia-romagna, italy)
fresh and bright nose with a touch of funk, clean and lush fruit on the palate with a dry earthy and satisfying finish
glass: $10 •   bottle: $38 1L

le guatte di noemi tano 2012
corvina blend (valipolicella, italy)
notes of cherry and forest floor, ripe fruit and spice with a long seductive finish.
glass: $14 • bottle: $46

pithon-paille grololo 2018
grolleau (anjou, france)
nice funky nose with light fruit and mild structure on the palate.
clean and bright with mineral and spice on the finish
bottle: $40

contrada salandra campi flegrei  piedirosso 2013(campania, italy)
bright red ripe fruit with savory undertones, soft round velvety tannins with a long earthy structure.
bottle: $50



côté mas rosé aurore 2014
(languidoc, france)
fresh citrus and red fruit aromas with delicate floral notes. extremely easy to drink with a bright mineral quality.
glass: $8 • bottle: $24 (1 liter)

ameztoi rubentis rosé 2017
hondarrabi beltza & zuri (basque, spain)
rubarb and strawberries with mineral on the nose, bright earthy palate with dry finish. bottled with a little spritz.
glass: $13 • bottle: $36



la garrocha fino
dry and clean, a classic aperitif
glass: $7 • bottle: $22

la cigarraera manzanilla
nutty, salty and dry, a perfect aperitif
glass: $7 • bottle: $22

lustau “los arcos” amontillado
amber-hued, plenty of dried fruit and nuts on the nose and palate, dry finish
glass: $7

lustau aast india solera olorosso
medium sweet and rich, a nice end to a meal
glass: $7

dessert wine

chãteau du juge 2007
sweet, fruity, honesuckle pallate with a long finish
glass: $9 • bottle $18